HomePlus 24:7 with Gas & Boiler Service

(12 months for the price of 10)

Please review the below policy information and confirm that the cover chosen is appropriate for your needs.


  • Boiler and Heating system – no hot water or heating as a result of a breakdown, leak or failure of your heating or hot water system
  • Plumbing – toilets not flushing, leaks from toilet, hot and cold water cylinders and tanks and central heating water pipes
  • Drainage – blockages or damage to waste pipes. Blocked bath, sink, toilet or external drainage
  • Failure of Internal Electrics – failure of all sockets or lighting on one or more floors
  • Security – Broken and cracked windows, lost or damaged keys
  • Internal gas pipe – a leak from the internal gas pipe

What's not included

  • Repairs to the water supply pipe that connects your house to the mains – your water company may provide a free or subsidised repairs service
  • Repairs to your roof – this may be covered by your NHBC guarantee or buildings insurance
  • Repairs to drains that are the responsibility of the local water authority
  • Repair or replacement of electrical appliances such as cookers
  • Commercial boilers or heating systems with an output of over 60 kW/hr